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'Cautious' - Tasco (Here Comes Uberisation Of Trucking Industry) ...

'Cautious' - Tasco (Here Comes Uberisation Of Trucking Industry) ..

The Uber platform, which is a ride-sharing application, has transformed the cab hire market worldwide. A similar application is now being used in the logistics industry.

In particular, smaller scale trucking services, which provide faster delivery with greater convenience to customers, have mushroomed of late; giving rise to the coining of term ‘uberisation of the trucking industry’.
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明年调高到 RM1200???



Chan Hing Hai 生活中常会常面对着种种的压力,经一事长一智,没压力就不像生活了,一起加油吧
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朱咪咪 - 相思淚 / 百花亭之戀 / 一水隔天涯 (尹光08好過癮演唱會)

朱咪咪 - 相思淚 / 百花亭之戀 / 一水隔天涯 (尹光08好過癮演唱會)

朱咪咪、黎燿祥 愛拼才會贏

朱咪咪、黎燿祥 愛拼才會贏

2013-02-24 朱咪咪、金剛 - 無言的結局@朱咪咪大吉利是演唱會2013

2013-02-24 朱咪咪、金剛 - 無言的結局@朱咪咪大吉利是演唱會2013

2013-02-24 朱咪咪、金剛 - 無言的結局@朱咪咪大吉利是演唱會2013

 中国历史上最严重的3次文明倒退:1、秦灭六国,导致中国人的思想境界从百家争鸣高峰坠落,两千年来几无建树;2、蒙古灭宋,铁骑踏过,仁人志士屠戮殆尽,中国人气节和创造力不复存在;3、文革,消灭礼仪人伦,中国人独立人格丧尽,沦为精神空虚的行尸走肉。匪夷所思的是,教科书上三个罪魁都成伟人 4、改革開放,經濟畸形發展,政治大步倒退。人心墮落,道德淪喪,一切向錢看。資源掠奪式開採,房股二市席捲百姓口袋,環境破壞殆盡,大好河山,滿目瘡痍。

朱咪咪Mimi Choo《分飛燕》

 中国历史上最严重的3次文明倒退:1、秦灭六国,导致中国人的思想境界从百家争鸣高峰坠落,两千年来几无建树;2、蒙古灭宋,铁骑踏过,仁人志士屠戮殆尽,中国人气节和创造力不复存在;3、文革,消灭礼仪人伦,中国人独立人格丧尽,沦为精神空虚的行尸走肉。匪夷所思的是,教科书上三个罪魁都成伟人 4、改革開放,經濟畸形發展,政治大步倒退。人心墮落,道德淪喪,一切向錢看。資源掠奪式開採,房股二市席捲百姓口袋,環境破壞殆盡,大好河山,滿目瘡痍。

帝女花之香夭 Fragrant Sacrifice

帝女花之香夭 (三哥-過路人)--FRANGRANT SACRIFICE


Dataprep: Controlling shareholder sells out, buyer makes takeover offer for remaining shares. A printing and publishing firm acquired Dataprep Holdings’ controlling shareholder’s entire stake in the loss-making IT solutions provider, and announced an unconditional mandatory takeover offer for the remaining shares. Wardah Communication SB acquired the 270.5m shares or 64.2% stake in Dataprep from VXL Holdings SB at 16 sen a share, Dataprep said. Wardah’ offer for the remaining shares is being made at the same price of 16 sen, which represents a 23 sen or 58.97% discount to the group’s last closing price of 39 sen. (The Edge)

bursahunter only lousy company will sell at discounted price...current market price is a joke for such loss making company...

ilovehits Takeover at $0.16. Who said this DATAPRP worth $1.00 before? Pity to those chase high.

Ninetales This is mega sales... 60% off..!!

datuk lim already know dataprep not worth this much,only money games people push until they gone dataprep also gone

apolloang dataprep NTA only almost empty shell one,only pump and dump

Funny is if the share price is close to 40 sen why would someone want to sell it at 16 sen

SORRY I DO NOT HOLD 1 SINGLE stock in DATAPRP but Itake pity on all those who do because of this TYPE of dirty busness man tactic

fl888 Datuk Lim gave this guy a roulette jackpot number, buy 16 sell at 33 , how much virtual profit in hand, multimillionaire overnight by book value,,,



一转手, 就大赚了。。。

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


蔣漢娜 有一對中年夫婦,育有二個非常美麗的女兒,但是他們一直嚮往著生個兒子。他們終於決定做最後的嘗試,經過幾個月的努力,皇天不負苦心人,這位太太懷孕了,九個月之後,生下了一個健康的小男孩。這位快樂的爸爸沖到育嬰室要去看他新生的兒子,卻被他所看到的嚇壞了,他的兒子竟然是他生平所見最醜的嬰兒。他跑去見他老婆並告訴她,他絕對不可能是這個嬰兒的父親,並且很凶惡的責問他老婆「你是不是背著我偷漢子?]






李孟儒 晚餐時間,肥仔仔忽然開口說:







吳貴檳 馬上換媽媽說




For its three months ended March 31, 2017, the group’s net loss narrowed on a quarter-on-quarter basis to RM953,000 with a turnover of RM4.46 million, from a net loss of RM2.07 million in the three months ended Dec 31, 2016, when it clocked in a revenue of RM3.52 million.

KEYASIC - Anything Interesting (Khazanah Holds 23% Stake) !!!

It has been in the red for the last four years (Till end FY2016), is banking on securing recurring sales for its Internet of things or IoT products, which it has spent the last five years developing, to return to profitability, which it expects to happen by the second half of its financial year 2018 (FY18).

The group designs and manufactures chips for IoT products has failed to turn a profit in the last four years because the IoT industry is still new. It takes time [to make a profit] because IoT is at its infancy, not only in Malaysia, but everywhere in the world. It takes a longer time because the end users in the market are usually non-IT users and they do not have the correct infrastructure [yet to make use of its chips].

KeyAsic has invested a large amount, over US$20 million (RM84.4 million) to develop its products.

Among the IoT products the group has developed in the past five years (2012-2017) are its system-in-a package or SiP chip, SPG101, and system components like WiFi SD Card called K-Card, and its wire-less USB flash drive, K-Drive 9.

In May 2017 two more new chips have gone into production, namely its Numeric matrix (NM) CPU and PCI-e SoC (system-on-a-chip), which took four years to develop, with a collective investment of about US$3 million. The chips were co-designed with RC Module, a leading system and chip design company in Russia.

The NM CPU chip, in particular, is involves scientific calculations. [Up until now (end May 2017),] it has been used on much larger scales, such as in satellite and aerospace products, like to track the weather for forecasts, and for image and voice detection.

So far (Till end May 2017), Key Asic has secured RM7 million worth of contracts for the initial shipping and production of the two newer chips, which will see the deployment of 10,000 units of each chip into the market, from which it can gather feedback and work out any logistical issues — a process likely to take at least six months — before recurring sales orders will come in.

After the spate of investment spendings in the last five years, its top officials said the company is now (End May 2017) in a firm footing to court customers. KeyAsic will know if the products can secure recurring sales contracts from its customers, from between the fourth quarter of 2017 to the first quarter of 2018, for all its chips.

For its three months ended March 31, 2017, the group’s net loss narrowed on a quarter-on-quarter basis to RM953,000 with a turnover of RM4.46 million, from a net loss of RM2.07 million in the three months ended Dec 31, 2016, when it clocked in a revenue of RM3.52 million.

There were no year-on-year comparative figures as the group had changed its financial year end from Dec 31 to May 31.

For the quarter ended May 2017, it posted a net loss of RM1.449 million or EPS of 0.17 sens.

As at March 31 2017, the group’s accumulated net loss stood at RM45.28 million.

Malaysia’s government investment arm Khazanah Nasional Bhd remains a substantial shareholder of Key Asic, with a 23% stake as at May 4 2017, while former chairman of China Development Industrial Bank, Taiwanese Benny T Hu @ Ting Wu Hu, has been an independent non-executive director of the group since 2009.

Eg has an indirect interest of 39.06% in Key Asic, together with three others, by virtue of his deemed interest in Key Asic Ltd, the group’s largest shareholder with a 39.06% stake as at April 6 2016.

Eg also has a direct stake of 0.18% in Key Asic.

这玩意儿是真好使啊 口腔溃疡抹上后一两分钟就没感觉了 抹完后一开始有点儿发麻 然后过了三五分钟就没什么异样了 稍微有点儿清凉的感觉

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


 If my observation of past premium for construction groups holds true, the current price of Sunway-WB can only sustain if Sunway share price were to rally strongly & quickly. Otherwise the price of Sunway-WB will likely come down. If you have this warrant, it is advisable to take some profit soon.
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Ibraco pins its future on a strong capital position

Reiterate hold with an unchanged target price of 94 sen: In February, Ibraco Bhd unveiled its first property development outside Sarawak, namely The Continew (GDV: RM415 million) in Kuala Lumpur. It is a mixed development featuring four units of three-storey commercial shop/retail outlets, 30 units of retail/office space and 510 serviced apartments. Priced at RM900 psf, we note it is attractive as compared to surrounding projects that are generally priced at RM1,000 psf onwards.
In terms of take-up rate, we gather that it is now 49% sold. In September, Ibraco proposed to buy four parcels of vacant leasehold land in Petaling JayaSelangor, for RM37.4 million (or RM220 psf) to further build up its presence in the Klang Valley. Measuring a total of 15,811.16 sq m, the land is strategically located along the New Pantai Expressway.
On the construction front, the group has secured a contract to build a new airport in Mukah, Sarawak, for RM302.6 million in July. Note that the airport job is only the second public construction contract Ibraco has won since the construction unit was set up in 2002.

Besides construction and property development, it has recently ventured into another new segment — education services. Last week, the group announced that it has teamed up with HELP Education Services Sdn Bhd to offer education at the primary, secondary and pre-university levels.

For a start, we understand that the group will allocate approximately RM55 million to RM60 million for this new business segment over a development period of two years. We believe that this would diversify the group’s source of income as well as enhance the value of its upcoming launches within its new township, Northbank, in Kuching. Ibraco is working with HELP to set up an education centre in the development.

Monday, October 9, 2017


 Now, if I want to ask. Do you bother to reach out to newspaper the first thing you wake up? Berita Harian, NST, Star or would any person who is below 50 be reaching out to their mobile phone. Remember, 20 years ago it was a very different world.

 The gist of thing is that if one wants to get people to push up Media Prima shares - why don't promote something else - as this stock could be a really painful stock to own.

Monday, October 2, 2017

In a filing with Bursa Malaysia, LCT said the order from the DOE was issued on Oct 1. LCT added that the company was attending to remedial actions and will provide an update in due course.

KUALA LUMPUR (Oct 2): Lotte Chemical Titan Holding Bhd (LCT) has received a stop-work order from the Department of Environment (DOE) on its KBR Catalytic Olefins Technology catalytic cracking reactor (K-COT) within its TE3 Project for the company, to mitigate and reduce odour emission and eliminate surface oil sheen/film discharge.
In a filing with Bursa Malaysia, LCT said the order from the DOE was issued on Oct 1. LCT added that the company was attending to remedial actions and will provide an update in due course.