Thursday, December 19, 2019


Dear Customer,

Scammers can find creative ways to pose as bank or enforcement officials, and cheat you into revealing personal banking information.

Beware when you receive calls / messages that tell you of such:
You have outstanding payments for a credit facility that you never applied for;
There are criminal charges against you and you are summoned to court for offences that you did not commit;
We will record your police statement over the phone;
You must transfer your money to an unknown account for investigation / safeguarding; and
You must not share this incident with the bank or family members until the investigation is finished, or end up losing all the monies.

Check your transaction alerts and history regularly for any suspicious activity. Should you encounter the above, please do not hesitate to report it to us via our Call Centre at 03-7626 8899.


中国这种社会,你不能将全部精力放在公司,必须建立一种与公司可以抗衡的方案。比如,富足的家庭,属于自己的额外收入。 这样公司动你的时候才能权衡三分。

如果你傻傻的只知道为公司干活,公司越强,你越弱。这样你就会很惨 比如251)

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我想过39岁找工作会辛苦,没想到会这么残酷 当事人在熊猫直播做技术,公司倒闭被裁员之后,因为年龄大,投了几百份简历都没找到工作,最后朋友的创业公司接纳了他,但是收入锐减 现在类似文章越来越多了

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阿龙爸爸应该看看【命運好好玩】2019.12.17 健康真的很重要!(李雅婷、劉怡里、心臟科醫生-林中行)