Wednesday, June 13, 2018


In line with Bursa Malaysia 1/2 day closure, Rakuten Trade is closed beginning 1pm on 14 June 2018. As such orders placed between 12:30pm - 5:00pm on 14 June 2018 will not be processed and will be rejected. Orders after 5pm will be placed in queue, as per norm, for when the market reopens on 18 June 2018.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

大股东买8.5分及9分, 卖10分。。。。千多LOTS。。。。来算, 1 LOT 赚RM10, 两三天时间来回赚了 万元。。。。



Friday, June 8, 2018

CIMB Investment Bank Bhd Research is expecting companies in the palm oil sector to be hit the worst by the government's plans to raise minimum wage and reduce the number of foreign workers in the country.

It's estimated that every RM100 per month increase in minimum wage could increase the palm oil industry's costs by RM304 million to RM514 million per annum (or RM15 to RM26 per tonne of CPO).

CIMB Investment Bank Bhd Research is expecting companies in the palm oil sector to be hit the worst by the government's plans to raise minimum wage and reduce the number of foreign workers in the country.

PHARMANIAGA.....may face severe competition and more open tender to reduce high cost of drugs in government hospitals..........NO MORE PRIORITY GIVEN save cost and help more patients... ???

PETALING JAYA: A think tank has recommended that the government review the role of Pharmaniaga in the public healthcare system, saying the government-linked company (GLC) essentially acts as a middleman.
The Galen Centre for Health and Social Policy said it was rare for countries to rely on a single concessionaire company to supply biopharmaceutical products for such a long period of time.
“Pharmaniaga is the sole concession holder to purchase, store, supply and distribute both branded and generic approved drugs and medical products to 148 government hospitals and 2,871 clinics and district health offices nationwide,” Galen CEO Azrul Mohd Khalib told FMT.
Of the RM27 billion allocated for public healthcare in 2018, he said, RM2.5 billion was for medical supplies and RM1.6 billion for consumable and medical support items.
“With 100% market share of the government concession, more than RM1 billion goes to Pharmaniaga annually,” he said, adding that the GLC had a 10-year concession agreement with the health ministry which will end next year.
He claimed Pharmaniaga would source for required medicines and sell them to the health ministry at a pre-determined price with an additional mark-up and commission rate to cover the costs of distribution, inventory holding and procurement.
“It is time that the ministry deals directly with pharmaceutical companies rather than depend on a middleman,” he said. This would allow for millions of ringgit in savings, he added.

“Ensuring that Malaysians are able to have accessible and affordable quality healthcare begins by ensuring that there is competition in the drug procurement process, not dependance on a monopoly.”

Azrul said the lack of competition was stunting the development of the public healthcare system and limiting patient access to life-saving drugs.
Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS) president Amrahi Buang voiced similar opinions, saying the government should review the roles played by all GLCs in the healthcare system, including Pharmaniaga.

However, he said the government had to have had good reasons for setting up Pharmaniaga in the first place.

“It must be remembered that Pharmaniaga’s role isn’t limited to supply, but also logistics and ensuring accessibility to pharmaceuticals throughout the country,” he told FMT, adding that Pharmaniaga also provided the pharmacy information system for the health ministry.

In the interest of fairness, he said, the health minister could review the role and impact of such GLCs and consider the alternatives before coming to a decision on the matter.

He added that it was unfair and simplistic to blame Pharmaniaga for the cost of medication, saying the GLC was only one part of the supply chain and that profiteering could be taking place along other parts of the line.

When contacted, Health Minister Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad declined to comment on specific companies but said the ministry was studying ways to reduce the price of medicines.

DAP MP Tony Pua had in the past said the prices of medicines in Malaysian hospitals were up to 148% higher than in Australia, as the Barisan Nasional-led government “forced” hospitals to purchase them through Pharmaniaga.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

逢喪事及出殯,她結印持咒三遍,不動明王現身守護,所以,八字低的人,陰氣重的人,容易沖犯的人,要持金剛咒,供奉金剛神,修金剛法,有守護的作用,這是非常重要的守護密法。   •