Thursday, April 12, 2018

Ridwin Candiah Brian, your father was a great man. I will always remember him fondly. My dad too had an unfortunate incident. He was the Johor State Veterinary Director then. In 1992, an animal died due to natural causes. The then Sultan got angry with my father and "threw" him out of Johor. Within 24 hours, we had to flee like convicts, sitting in a lorry with our belongings. So, I too remember the 1992 crisis. The Johor Royal family should apologise to people who suffered with such a rule. My father suffered so much after that incident. He had to endure so much of hardship. Eventually, depression set in and it led him to have Alzheimer's. He was a Government servant but the Government was nowhere to help him. The Government was too scared to do anything despite a rakyat being unfairly treated.

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  1. The above guy in question passed away already.

    See obituary: