Thursday, December 29, 2016

中东的乱七八糟。。。。。。美国过去一直想坐收渔人之利, 结果成为了 伊斯兰极端分子(也可能是不同派系).....的对付目标。。。美国人变成过街老鼠,人人喊打。。。。。中东根本不能够玩双面政策。。。。一定撞板。

Flash points like Syria to the north and Yemen to the south quickly intensify. Even a weakened ISIS does not bring about much encouragement in Iraq. That merely allows the Saudi-backed Sunni and Iranian-backed Shiite domestic disagreement to unravel Iraq.
The other main Iraqi ethnic division – the Kurds currently inhabiting the autonomous region of Kurdistan in the northeast of the country – will formally declare independence in the face of such instability.
In turn, Kurdish populations in eastern Turkey, southeastern Syria, and northeastern Iran will then create escalating problems for those three countries, as their borders come under renewed assault.
A similar sectarian problem has been festering in the tiny state just to the north of the UAE: Bahrain. There a Sunni royal household has been at odds with a Shiite majority population. The popular unrest has been intensifying – with Iranian support.
Meanwhile, Saudi military forces are ready to move across the King Fahd Causeway connecting the island nation to the mainland Arabian Peninsula to support Bahrain’s Sunni government.

中东的派系太多, 美国支持沙地狲倪派,排挤伊朗等的SHIITE派。。。。

最后, 美国自己搞死自己, 几边不太好, 成为伊斯兰教极端分子的敌人。。。。。美国人成为目标。。。再过百年。。。美国人还是要出门怕怕。。。。随时有天惊石破。。。。企图在中东老油水。。。今天的美国就是悲剧。。。美国人去到那里。。。都要怕怕。。。。出门要非常小心。。。。

因此说, 这是火药库

In short, this entire region is a tinder box. And one needs to be careful not to add to the kindling – for their sakes, our sake, and, of course for the sake of oil price stability.
美国人, 美国投资家。。。。都认为,


It’s for precisely this reason that investors would be well-advised right now to look at domestic U.S. shale companies, rather than Middle Eastern oil players.
看自家的石油, 发展本身的石油公司。。。页岩油。。。公司。。。才说上上之策。。。。。。

因此, 油价再起。。。。美国石油公司。。。。就大发财。。。

只要到USD 58



58 卖 30%

68 卖多 10%

78% 再卖 10%
保留50% 战略石油就够了。。

未来战争, 用到石油机会不多, 一粒飞弹




再买进美国页岩油公司, 投资在页岩油公司。。。。大发财

现在也是中国台湾公司买进美国页岩油股票, 包括股权的时候了


抢页岩油公司, 就在此刻

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