Monday, January 14, 2019


=== Step-by-step guide on how to subscribe to IPO shares on Maybank ===
Step 1 : After logged into your Maybank account, click on the "Investment" tab.
Step 2 : Click on the "eShare" application tab.
Step 3 : Select the share that you would like to subscribe to, and click the "Apply" button.
Step 4 : Read the terms and conditions and if you agree with it, you may tick the box and proceed to click the "Accept" button.
Step 5 : Select your race, enter the number of units (in lots) , and enter your CDS account. It can be investment account from any investment bank, then proceed by clicking the "Continue" button.
*Note : Only direct accounts are able to apply for IPO, you CAN'T subscribe IPO using a nominee account.
Step 6 : Check on the information that you have entered earlier, if everything is correct, click the "Continue" button.
Step 7 : You should be redirected to a verification page, upon finishing it, you are set for the IPO subscription, now you can just wait to see if you are lucky enough to get it! 

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