Monday, May 14, 2012

understand the meaning of love and hate---don't simply put the word you hate police in mouth------BECAUSE LOVE AND HATE IS DESERVED FOR THOSE YOU HAVE DEEP FEELING ROCKING YOUR SOULS, .....

we respect thousands of good cop, but we also critic and pui those power-abuse cops which involved in conspiracy and violence. Just like we respect every one, every walks of life.....we respect teachers, hawkers, bus conductors, even those beggars etc.

there is no hate or love, because such deep feeling is only with family those says u hate police is definitely idiot or sasau. such deep feeling is very precious to very good relation people, family members only, only them deserved the hate and love.

general public, hawkers, policemen, bus conductors, food sellers--only can have little ffeling, even sometimes can not say like or dislike.

so don't put the word ah,ah, Mr so and so hate police?

such deep feeling only deserved to family members.............very closed friends.....

feeling just as precious, as very valuable-----------do you think such a man , a person you even never see everyday, you even can't meet them once ayear--you call people that u hating police---------

such remarks shown discriminate the precious feeling of love and hate-----
even you only can say dislike or like.

respect the precious feeling of love and hate, don't simply put a word from mouth and say you hate police.............

feeling of love and hate only with deep, deeper feeling one-----------

if no close connection, no affair, no deep feeling, you can't say hate at all

To deserve the hate and love----------you must have that kind of feeling that like tsunami that rock your whole heart and mind..............

if not, stop using the word :love and hate.

feeling of love, hate is very precious and must be respected.

simply put to mouth and hate, love------do u deserved it???

with no deep feeling, how to hate and love???

do you say i love that bus conductor, train ticket seller who you even can see daily-------------the policeman , you hardly see them once a year, how to hate? to say love?

so the word you hate police? is just a empty word at all!

the meaning of hate and love-------is concerning of deep feeing..............deep as blue sea, high and tall as everest mountain...............

don't spoil the words of love and hate..................
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