Tuesday, February 7, 2012

尿疗 (2)

My daughter once told me that she'd met a retired nurse with the most beautiful skin she'd ever seen and asked her about it. The woman, who was elderly, told her that she'd been a baby nurse and had always saved the urine-soaked diapers of babies and applied them to her face. Carrin thought that terrible, but then my daughter has always unfortunately been rather closed-minded.

I'm sure this information is common knowledge to you all, but being a new member jumping in for the first time, I take the chance of repeating what you all might know anyway - so if that is true - please forgive me.

Best wishes from Rayna in New Zealand

Uropathy is one approach to health that is 100% safe to use, it is extremely effective, has never harmed anyone and it is absolutely free of charge. It cannot be controlled and you truly benefit from using it. Thousands of urine therapy advocates certify that this is a healing modality that activates de lymphatic system which detoxifies the body and starts the true process of healing and regenerating the body.

Once you become familiar with UROPATHY and start using your urine, you will be able to fight individual diseases, prevent and reverse the conditions that make you susceptible to all types of health problems including: childhood diseases, allergies, common cold, flu, hepatitis, arthritis, hypertension, all types of infections and fevers, cancer and the opportunistic infections associated with AIDS.


Sylvie naturinologie.info/
I decided to tell about our experience to encourage people to start the therapy. I found out about the therapy after my husband got desperate with a situation doctors could not do anything about. It started with simple jock itch which came back as a severe case of candida after being administered strong antibiotics. He was swollen and red up to his knees, he had red itchy patches on his right foot, belly, between his fingers etc.. Needless to say he was suffering. His doctor refused to give him anymore antibiotics and he was left to himself. He lost 27 pounds in 2 months. After trying all sorts of natural solutions with no results, he wanted to buy antibiotics from the Internet. I succeeded in stopping him and promised to search for a solution. I told him: “Hang on, I am sure there is something ‘natural’ that would help you”. After searching the Internet all day for a week, I came upon that word ‘urotherapy’ which was completely new to me. It got my full attention! I could not get enough articles to read. I decided to buy a few books. After my husband read all the articles I had printed from the Internet, he was ready to start. I won’t go into details here but in two days the redness and swelling was gone and it took about a month before the hurting and itching stopped. Today he looks healthy again but I don’t know what he would be today if we havn’t learned about this therapy.

I joined him a little later with the therapy and its changing my life completely! I am much happier and most of all confident towards the future. I am 54 and even though I looked and felt healthy enough for my age, I still benefited greatly from the therapy! Most of all I sleep a lot better (insomnia was my biggest problem) approx. 8 hours per night now and I don't take any medication. Other improvements is my complexion. People say I look better as I grow older and that there is a glow about me??? I used to have a complexion that looked like a grapefruit with open pores etc... Now it is smooth and I don't need lipstick as I have natural pink colors on my cheeks and lips. When I was young I needed to take iron supplements as my hemoglobin was always low. Needless to say I was always pale.

With the therapy and because of it I drink more water and eat better. Changing habits is a long process but I am getting there. My outlook on growing older has changed and we have nice projects for retirement. I had other small problems that could have made retirement a constant back and forth to the doctors office. Before I started the therapy, I could not sleep on my right side because of a sore hip.

This problem went away (I had to put a compress on the hip though). I passed a kidney stone before starting the therapy. I have not been bothered with that problem since. I used to clean my throat (lots of mucus) all the time which is anoying to other people. Sometimes it was so bad that my throat was ‘on fire’ and I often had dreams that I was pulling all sorts of “debris” from my throat.

Well at least I don’t make those dreams anymore but I still clean my throat once in a while mostly after eating. The difference is that I don’t feel I have something stuck in the throat and it doesn’t hurt anymore. I feel the problem is fading away. I know that drinking more water also helps a lot. The other day I got rid of a mole which was as big as a pea (but was raised approx. 1/16 on an inch) and was growing every year.

I realized that the urine had to penetrate the mole. It dried up and there its now gone. I thought I would need a small surgery to get rid of that mole. That for me was miraculous! Sylvie naturinologie.info/

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