Tuesday, February 7, 2012

尿疗 (5)

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Dr. V.P. Mehta, Mumbai
I am a qualified and experienced medical doctor with the highest degrees both in medicine and surgery. On March 12, 1986, I was diagnosed with cancer of the ary-epiglottic area (throat) with enlarged cervical lymph nodes. After receiving chemotherapy and a course of cobalt therapy I was to be operated on.

Between August and October I tried UrineTherapy. By October 5, 1986, my disease was under control and the proposed surgery was cancelled. I have not only recovered in a medical sense, but I am also leading a fully active professional life. In other words, even the quality of my life has improved. I feel the same zeal which I felt 30 years ago.

Dr. O. New York
I was laughing and snickering in the back of the room. After all, who would take anyone seriously talking about drinking one’s own urine to heal any disease! My main concern at the time was how I was going to handle this diagnosis of full-blown AIDS and with what "spirituality" was I going to handle an oral, palatal Kaposi’s sarcoma lesion that was supposed to spread relentlessly throughout my body. I was told just two months prior to this that the prognosis could be about two years more if I was fortunate, and to seriously consider preparing a "living will."

For obvious reasons, I seemed to be much more tolerant to the idea of applying urine topically for all sorts of conditions. My right foot was the epitome of necrosis. For months doctors had prescribed many different medicated creams for a vicious case of athlete’s foot/ringworm. Nothing seemed to work. After all, the root of the problem is the immune system not functioning at full capacity. I couldn’t wait to go home to put my own urine on the foot.

That evening was the first time in many months that the tingling itch did not drive me into a frenzy! I actually got a full night of sleep. Not only did the ringworm condition totally disappear after a few weeks, but the dry, cracked and painful skin all around my toes and bottom of the foot had totally changed in colour and texture! New skin had grown in and was soft as a baby’s. It had a beautiful new flushed, almost orange-like color and it just did not appear to be my own skin!

I anxiously began to research the field of autogenous fluids and, shortly thereafter decided that recycling my urine was really a harmless form of auto-toleration based on theories not much different than those in the science of homeopathy.

Drinking my urine was not that difficult, but deconditioning myself was the real chore. I felt betrayed by society upon learning that our urine is not a poisonous, toxic and filthy substance that our bodies so heroically expel. Since urine is filtered and cleansed blood, and the blood is 95% water, how many dangerous substances can there really be in urine?

Starting with just a small ounce, I gradually began drinking my body’s own distilled preparation with respect instead of disgust. I then graduated to drinking up to 8 ounces daily. Over the next 7 months the Kaposi’s sarcoma lesion became increasingly smaller until it disappeared totally!

The mouth ulcers that used to plague me, stinging during meals, have not returned even once. I used to have monthly outbreaks of genital herpes, but I am elated to say that autogenous UrineTherapy has produced a state of tolerance even against the herpes virus that sooner or later, in conjunction with Ebstein-Barr virus (EBV), Cytometgalovirus (CMV), and papilloma virus would have surely complicated my existence and further weakened my immune system... just a matter of time. I have NEVER felt better in my life. Now, I no longer fear for my life.

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