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"Lately, when Grandma (92 years old) had a very badly bruised spot on her ankle, mom was at the end of her wits to get it to heal. The doctor's antibiotics didn't help, neither did colloidal silver, peroxide, grapefruit seed extract, or many of the herbs (echinacea, chaparral, etc.).

Then when mom said it was looking like gangrene was setting in, I remembered the books saying that applying urine was about the single most effective treatment for gangrene. Grudgingly, I mentioned it... mom said it couldn't hurt... and within three days I got a call telling me that since she soaked a cloth with grandma's urine and kept it applied (changing it a few times a day), it looks like the infection was gone and there was healthy pink skin forming at the edges already. This after about 5 or 6 weeks of downhill slide. Mom was thrilled, as was grandma, whose ankle no longer hurt."

July 16, 2002
I am Ramachandran residing in Malaysia , my email is ssrams@thestar.com.my

Your homepage is the best homepage i have ever come across. I got a lot of information from your website. I am practicing urine therapy which, in less than a month, has completely cured my back pain, which I was having for few years.

Subject: hivambu kalpa
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2001
From: EnyS@webtv.net (Eny .)

I first discovered urine therapy in summer of '88 and have been practicing it daily for the past twelve years. It has cured everything in me from sexually transmitted diseases to depression. I've only recently begun combining it with tantric zhao zheng exercises to awaken kundalini. I'm now 36 years old but most people say I look 24 years old, the age I began practicing. Some say I look like I'm in my teens. I want to wait til I'm fifty and I'll let you know how it works then.

The reason people grow old and die is that they are actually starving to death. During research I came upon an autopsy report that described the inside of the intestinal system. The doctors discovered that as people age, their intestines become caked with food particles, some even found remnants of the very first meal in their intestines (so they said). As the intestines become caked with this debris, the person is less able to derive nutrition from the food he/she is eating, slowly starving to death.

With manav mootra the urine actually cleanses out the intestinal tract of this debris and one of its benefits is an increased sense of energy. All of the accumulated toxins, which were lodged in the body and which were slowly poisoning it are expelled naturally and the body is returned to a state of natural health.

Subject: Urine Universal Remedy and migraine
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001
From: Gina Tyler Gogogenius@aol.com
As you know I am a Homeopath, Herbalist, Aromatherapist, Reflexologist. I have had a problem with a really bad migraine for aprox. 30 days in a row, non stop (eveyday ). This has NEVER happened to me before. I have (of course ) done all I could with herbs, and homeopathic treatments and changed my eating habbits, etc. etc. NOTHING HELPED!!!! Until I used URINE. I have used urine therapy before internally and externally on myself and others. But I was so amazed in the quickness of my recovery using urine for my migraine. The UNIVERSAL Remedy was mixed, (a few drops of my own urine with an ounce of water, and succused (or shook ) it aprox 1000 times ) this actually makes it into a homeopathic remedy. I took a few drops every hour for one day, after the third hour the migraine was gone !!!!! I continued taking the drops till the day was done, succusing the bottle 10 x prior to each intake. I still dont know what the cause of my headace was but its gone with no side effects from suppresive western medication. Gina Tyler DHOM.

Gina Tyler DHOM practices homeopathy in Woodland Hills, California and she also gives phone consultation for children who have been hurt by vaccines. (818) 887-2243 - Tyler's articles on homeopathy. email: gogogenius@aol.com

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