Saturday, February 18, 2012

爆红----这两人,一个是华英雄,一个是拖车婆!!!两线制必须成形。。。。。。。。也一定要成形。。。。每一票。。。。。都很重要。。。。。不然越来越多拖车妹,语无伦次, 个个要进TANJUNG RAMBUTAN 医院。

B.s. Lim
The debate topic is titled 'Chinese at a political crossroads: Is the two-party system becoming a two-race system?'.

what cross road we are talking about??for the past decades ,under the corrupted racist umno bn regime ,malaysia politic is based on manipulation of racial segregation n displaying of racial cards all these while(LGE did mention this)!!not convinced??

what is umno's intention of BTN in the first place?what is ketuanan all about ?n of course as LGE did mention too,we are having a dpm who proclaimed he is malay first n malayisan last ;so Chua CD,what's there to play with your scare-monggering on cross road n two race-system??

PR's intention of bringing about a bi-partisan system is in fact an attempt to undo the apartheid race based system!!

LCE should hv jus told Chua on his face,umno are malay,mca are chinese , n mic are indian but malay are not umno, chinese are not mca n indian are not mic !!without the multi-racial supports as LGE mentioned , 308 tsunami would not hv happened !! so what cross road mca is talking about??hey !! our heads ,the rakyat's n ur bosses are not having our heads in the sand no more!!!

Hall erupts as MCA, DAP titans face off

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